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Processing of personal data

DIGIBÍS, of Spanish nationality and registered address in calle de Alenza, 4, 28003 Madrid, is the holder and owner of the website is responsible for the files generated with the personal data provided by the users through this website.

Consentimiento para el envío de publicidad

Al darnos sus datos por cualquier medio, usted autoriza a DIGIBÍS, S.L.U. a tratar sus datos personales para fines comerciales, informándole de Servicios que pueden ser de su interés, envío del boletín informativo DIGICLIC, notas de prensa, noticias de marketing que pueden interesarle, a través de medios telefónicos, postales y/o electrónicos (SMS; email, mensajería instantánea, así como cualquier otro medio electrónico que se considere adecuado conforme a los avances de la tecnología).

También autoriza a que DIGIBÍS pueda compartir sus datos personales que sean necesarios para preparar y remitirle este tipo de ofertas.

Podrá retirar su consentimiento para las comunicaciones comerciales en cualquier momento, dejando, en ese caso, de recibir información sobre servicios que puedan ser de su interés y de los que puede beneficiarse, haciendo clic This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Para que su autorización sea plenamente informada, le indicamos a continuación la información completa de protección de datos personales de DIGIBÍS, S.L.U.


Calle de Alenza, 4, 28003 Madrid (España)
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Anonymous browsing through the web pages

The Fundación Ignacio Larramendi obtains anonymous information about its visitors, which means that this information cannot be associated with a specific user or used to find out their identification. The data conserved are:

The domain name of the provider (ISP) which gives access to the user’s network, so that statistics can be prepared on the countries and servers that most frequently visit our Website.

The time and date of Website access, so that we can know the most popular times and make the necessary adjustments to prevent access problems.

The URL with the link used to access our Website. With this data, we can find out how effective the different buttons and links that direct to our server are, in order to reinforce those that offer the best results.

The number of daily visitors to each section. This allows us to know which areas are the most popular in order to increase and improve their content so that the users obtain the most satisfactory result.

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The Fundación Ignacio Larramendi takes no responsibility whatsoever for the information on this website that comes from external sources or the content that has not been developed by the company itself.

Links to pages of other sites provided by us are exclusively for informing of the existence of other sources of information on the internet related to the issues of our area and interest, where you can expand on the data that we offer you on our website. Under no circumstances is the Fundación Ignacio Larramendi responsible for the result obtained through these hypertext links.

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